“Finally they get to this wrecked, deserted, nighttime, Dalek-invaded street, civilazation gone. And from the greatest possible distance, there they are: her with her great big gun and him with the TARDIS. And they run towards each other, like the biggest romance you’ve ever seen. - Russell T. Davies

I feel like I’m a terrible gushing chap. Jenna has been absolutely incredible. My favourite thing about joining Doctor Who has been working with Jenna. She does everything with such grace and class.” - Peter Capaldi


That sad look in her eye that shows just how tired she is. So many jumps. So much time spent looking. And now that she’s finally in the right time she is in the wrong place. She takes the moment to catch her breath and then steels herself for the next jump, the next try. Crossing universes just to say hello, where once he said goodbye. Hoping to save everyone, but mostly to save him, and to save herself. She doesn’t know how to settle for just a normal life anymore.


You’ve flown so far, further than anyone. The things you’ve seen…. the darkness. The Big Bad Wolf.


only know you love her when you let her go