Ty Lee: Do you have any idea what my home life was like, growing up with six sisters who look exactly like me‌? It was like I didn’t even have my own name. I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I’m different now. Circus freak is a compliment!

Azula: My own mother… thought I was a monster.

Mai: I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted. As long as I behaved…and sat still…and didn’t speak unless spoken to. My mother said I had to keep out of trouble; we had my Dad’s political career to think about.

Zuko: Bad skin‌? Normal teenagers worry about bad skin. I don’t have that luxury. My father decided to teach me a permanent lesson — on my face.


My father says she was born lucky. He says I was lucky to be born.

i don’t need luck; i don’t want it.

If I’m really a winner
Where did these demons come from?
I was the girl who was on fire

Who are you?


Siblings: fighting side by side.

Without trust, there is no love. Love is trust."Trust is for fools!""You’re both fools!"

Without trust, there is no love. Love is trust.
"Trust is for fools!"
"You’re both fools!"