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Siblings: fighting side by side.

Without trust, there is no love. Love is trust."Trust is for fools!""You’re both fools!"

Without trust, there is no love. Love is trust.
"Trust is for fools!"
"You’re both fools!"


30 days of Avatar - Day 14: Favorite fight scene (The Last Agni Kai)

An Agni Kai is a traditional firebender duel that is centuries old. It is a fight for one’s honor and is won only when one opponent burns the other. Prince Zuko got his scar as the result of an Agni Kai, although he did not actually fight once he realized that his opponent was his father. The outcome of an Agni Kai affects the honor of both opponents. These duels are a popular method of resolving conflicts and are a source of entertainment for all spectators. The Royal Palace even houses a special Agni Kai chamber.

Call me a doctor

I need a doctor, doctor

To bring me back to life